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  • Do you know?

    Anyone who has had their work and family life suddenly disrupted by a preventable medical condition?

  • Are you Aware? 

    That most of the conditions tested for in an annual physical don’t produce noticeable symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage?

  • Do you realize? 

    The typical annual physical only touches on a few of the most important indicators of your current and long-term health?  The most important things you need to know about your health may not be as obvious as you think…

  • Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised? 

    By a large medical bill for a visit you thought was supposed to be fully covered?

  • Have you ever felt? 

    Like an annual physical isn’t worth your effort?  


    • They do so little and don’t tell you why
    • They hardly spend any time listening to you
    • You rarely hear anything back from your doctor afterward
    • They never provide any real guidance, even if they do say you need to improve your health (outside of prescribing medication for you to take)
    • They seem so focused on treating illness, instead of keeping you healthy

Imagine it being so much better…

You don’t have to imagine it!

Health Dynamics will make sure your next annual physical is:

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Oh, and don’t forget that Reward! 

We’ll get back to that shortly…

Brief Why and How Health Dynamics’

Preventive Care Program Developed

As an Emergency Room doctor our Founder,

Dr. Thomas Reminga, recognized that most of the conditions patients were being wheeled into his E.R. for were preventable.  In fact, he discovered that 2/3 of what we spend our hard-earned dollars on for illness care comes from those preventable chronic conditions.  As Ben Franklin said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

So, Dr. Reminga felt he had to create a better solution.  He did extensive research about what could and should be done to alert people to their health issues earlier, consulted with top experts around the country, put all the components together, and the Health Dynamics Preventive Care Program was born!


Since then, we’ve been leaders in preventive care and early detection of disease, honored to serve nearly 100,000 members just like you, since 1984.

Today, we have a Simple Success Path for Lifelong Health, recommended (and 100% paid for) by your Employer or Health Fund, because of its proven effectiveness.

Call – Complete – Review – Act!

  • 1. Call

    Call for a Health Dynamics Exam appointment

  • 2. Complete

    Complete our Health History Questionnaire & Comprehensive Examination

  • 3. Review

    Review the results of your exam & lab tests with our specially-trained health coach and share the results with your own doctor

  • 4. Act

    Act on any issues that may be arising - as recommended by your doctor, and with guidance from our health coach, as desired

Yes, we keep it all CONFIDENTIAL for you.  Your Employer and Health Fund don’t want to know your private health information, they just want YOU to understand your health status and be able to stay on top of any issues that may arise over the years.


In accordance with HIPAA standards, we will not share your private health information with anyone, unless you direct us and give permission to do so.

It’s the right thing to do, for all the right reasons. It also happens to make good business sense – saving you money on out-of-pocket expenses, while minimizing unnecessary spending on illness care in your precious Health Fund!

Here’s What’s Included in your

FREE Preventive Care Exam (and why):

  • Health History Questionnaire

    (we take into careful consideration your own medical history and your family’s medical history) ​

  • Physician-Directed Physical Exam

    (discussion of any current medical issues, head-to-toe examination, including eyes/ears/nose/throat, skin, breast or hernia/testicular exam, other tests as indicated)

  • 43 Point Blood Chemistry Analysis
    (no drug testing included)

    (seeking indicators for various cancers, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, anemia, and other metabolic anomalies)

  • 16 Point Urine Analysis (no drug testing included)

    (seeking indicators for kidney disease, diabetes, liver problems, and infections)

  • Blood Pressure Measurements

    (resting & active)

    (watching for indicators of heart disease and potential heart attack or stroke)

  • Electrocardiogram

    (indicates abnormal heart, heart rhythm, thickened heart muscle, electrolyte abnormalities, narrowed arteries indicating heart disease)

  • Cardiovascular Fitness Test
    (treadmill or bike)

    (helps the doctor see how your heart handles work and shows or predicts heart problems)

  • Screening Mammogram (per Am. Cancer Society guidelines)

    (to detect breast cancer as early as possible) 

  • Pap Smear
    (per Am. Cancer Society guidelines and by request)

    (to test for precancerous cells in the cervix)

  • Prostate Cancer Screening
    (based on family history & discussion with examiner)

    (this blood test measures a protein made by cells in the prostate gland, which can indicate cancer risk)

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening

    (tests for hidden blood in your stool, which can provide an early sign of a cancer that often takes decades to produce noticeable symptoms)

  • Functional Strength & Flexibility Assessment

    (checks for weakness and inflexibility that may lead to injury or early disability)

  • Measurement of Height, Weight and Body Fat Percentage

    (carrying too much body fat puts a person at risk for many serious medical conditions including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, and several types of orthopedic issues)

  • Pulmonary Function Testing

    (indicates certain types of lung disease including asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, COPD and increased risk of serious lung infections, like pneumonia and COVID-19)

  • Personal Health Report and Cardiovascular Risk Profile

    (your report will indicate areas of excellent health as well as areas that may need improvement and compare your test results from year to year)

  • Personalized Results Review & Coaching Session

    (this one-on-one session will help you understand your health risks, allow you to get your questions answered, and provide guidance for how to efficiently and effectively make any improvements that may be desired or needed)

Wait… doesn’t all this cost a whole lot more than a typical annual exam by my doctor?  

No – because we’ve cut out all the costs that provide no real value (insurance co. fees, admin costs, huge markups on labs, radiology, etc.).


It’s amazing what you can accomplish (and save) when you have a little “Insider” information.  When you become a member of our Preventive Care Program (by simply participating), we’ll share our best kept secrets for staying healthy and saving money on healthcare with you, through our Member Portal.

Proof Positive:

Why has your Employer or Health Fund decided to reward members and spouses for participating in a Health Dynamics Exam annually?  They’ve heard about the personal health benefits of our unique program from members like you and seen solid evidence of the positive impact (from 3 separate studies performed by Segal Consulting Co. on de-identified/anonymous data from program participants vs. data from those who don’t participate in a Health Dynamics exam).


Here are just a few of the positive findings proven by those studies:

  • A 49% reduction in Emergency Room visits


  • 34% fewer hospital admissions


  • Lower Total Cholesterol and Blood Pressure overall


  • Prescription drug costs were significantly less for HD participants


  • HD program participants had a lower Body Mass Index (body fat)


And Here’s What Participants Say:

“I am writing to thank the entire staff for a very pleasant experience while I was getting my annual physical.  It was at least my 10th, if not more, at the clinic and they get more rewarding as I get older.   I am now 64 and had some concerns, which were addressed very clearly.  As a result, I went home bragging to my wife that it was the most comprehensive exam I’ve ever gotten.  Thank you very much!”

“Peace of mind on my current health.”

“Year to year progress shown.”

“Ease of appointment, all done in a couple hours – very efficient.”

“Many more tests were performed than at my regular doc’s office!”

“Full evaluation covered at 100% by my employer.”

“The program is excellent – I brag about it at work and try to get others to participate.”

“How fast and professional it was – and you listened.”

“Having my test results reviewed and where I can improve.”

“Easy and efficient!”

“Very motivating.  Made me feel like I want to improve my health.”

“It’s helping me be proactive instead of reactive.”

“Saw a physician that actually talked to me and went through all my results.”

“Convenience and thoroughness – and it didn’t cost me anything.”

“I have been through 3 different programs over the years.  Yours is by far superior.  My wife’s breast cancer was diagnosed early there years ago, thanks to the program, and this week she had the same technician do her mammogram.  She was so pleased to see my wife doing well.  We are really glad someone is working on the prevention end, doing something good for our union members.”

Here’s Everything You’ll Get…

    • The most comprehensive and meaningful preventive care & early detection exam available

    • Our handy preparation sheet and checklist of exam components, for you to take along

    • Personal Health Report and lab test results, including a copy to take to your doctor for any follow-up that may be recommended – or for your prescription renewals

    • Guidance for any changes recommended – for healthy new habits or to help you break old habits

    • Access to our Member Portal with our favorite Health Care Insider Tips, Special Reports & Resources

    • Excellent Customer Service from our HQ office, including direct contact information for our Program Director

    • ZERO out-of-pocket cost or Surprise Medical Bills – guaranteed!

    • Your Participation Reward – provided by your Employer or Health Fund 😊

    • Peace Of Mind - knowing your health status today and what to do about it – with a deeper understanding than ever before!

    It’s Time To Take Care Of Yourself, So You Can Be There For Your Family.

    Just Go and Know!

    Got A Question? We’re Happy to Help!


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